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Plinth to paramount English by Neetu singh PDF Download करे – प्रिय पाठकों, English Grammar PDF in Hindi से सम्बंधित एक बहुत ही. Oct 24, English for General Competitions Frome plinth to Paramount by neetu singh (volume 1st) free pdf book download. Paramount’ important book for All competitive Exams SSC, Banking Exams, IBPS,UPSC, NDA, CDS and State Level Exams. English for General Competitions: Frome plinth to. Apr 2, Plinth to Paramount by Neetu Singh PDF in English & Hindi Dear Students आज के इस पोस्ट मे हम लाए है Plinth to Paramount PDF.

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Plinth To Paramount English Pdf

Plinth To Paramount की English PDF Book को Specially प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओ की तैयारी करने के लिए बनाया गया है जिसकी PDF Book को. plinth+to+Paramount English book - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Important for ssc. Nov 3, This book ' English for General Competitions- from Plinth to. Paramount' is my gift to the aspirants of competitive exams who will surely be.

Download Pdf. It will Be good for you if you download Hardcopy of this book. You can use this book for reference purpose. The content of SarkariNaukriHelp. In no event will this site or owner be liable for the accuracy of the information contained on this website or its use. This site does not take any responsibility and legal obligations due to illegal use and abuse of any service arises due to articles and information published on the website.

The commander said to the army, March forward. He promised, I will do it tomorrow. Geeta said, I did not do this deliberately. She said, Im afraid we are rather late! She said to me, What can I do for you?

He said, Alas! I am undone! I shall unlock the secrets of their success, he said. I wonder what he wants of us, said Quint. Dinesh said, I want to eat a good mango one of these days. He said, I intend to leave for Delhi tonight. He said, The Sun rises in the east.

Ram asked Krishna, Where are you going today? He said, What a fool Tom is! What kind of scheme do you have? Amif said to the insurance agent. The doctor said to the patient, Take complete rest.

Mini said to me, I have bought this flat for my mother. He said, I will come again. Dont do any more work until you have had a rest, her mother said to her.

English grammar test with answers by

Make me another suit like this, he said to the tailor. My Principal told me, Dont conduct any test tomorrow. Kiran said to me, Did you see the cricket match on television last night? David said to Anna, Mona will leave for her native place tomorrow. I said to him, Why are you working so hard? The tailor said to him, Will you have the suit ready by tomorrow evening? He said, Be quiet and listen to my words. Pawan said to me, If I hear any news, Ill phone you. Wish you success in life.

Manna said to Rohan, Have you sat in a trolley bus before? What about going for a swim, he said, Its quite fine now. You cant bathe in this sea, he said to me, its very rough.

Jagdish said, We passed by a beautiful lake when we went on a trip to Goa. He said to me, I expect you to attend the function. He said, Why didnt you send your application to me? Dinesh asked, Are you going to the party tomorrow, Eliza? John said, How long will it take to travel from Germany to South Africa?

What did you see at the South Pole? Ashok asked Anil. Do you want some more sweets?

plinth+to+Paramount English book

I said to my sister, I brought you a doll yesterday. The captain said to the army, March forward, now. They said, Weve lived here for a long time.

Would you open the door please? The teacher said, Gandhiji was born in India. Where do you live? I said to him, How do you know this? He said, We are all sinners. Would you mind taking off your shoes before entering the house?

He said to the foreigner. I lost my book yesterday, she said to her teacher.

Plinth To Paramount Book By Neetu Singh PDF Download

They said, The boy will soon be found and we will bring him. Stop talking children, said the teacher. The teacher said that the Earth moves round the Sun.

The Earth has been moving round the Sun. The lady said that they had been witnessing the programme.

The Principal told us, Wait here till I return. My mother said to me, Who is your best friend? The teacher said to the boys, If you do your best you will surely pass. The boy pleaded that he had not stolen the book. Kavitha said, I saw the photograph. The king said to his man, Put the man in prison.

He said, I have made a kite. Dravids neighbour said, Do you like to play golf? She announced that they had selected Pradeep as their leader. He told the boy not to sit there. Neither of them went. Question tag esa ges'kk Pronoun dk iz;ksx djsaA 4.

Everyone, everybody, no one, none, each, every bR;kfn form ls singular gSA buds lkFk singular verb, singular pronoun bR;kfn dk iz;ksx gksrk gSA ysfdu Question tag esa ;s cgqopu ds: He hardly does any work, does he? He has barely anything to eat, has he? He is seldom absent, is he? Open the door, would you? Have some more tea,would you?

There weren't good schools, were there? I am happy, I dont write letter, I didnt go to college yesterday, It is very cold, You havent eaten anything, She doesnt drive carelessly, I have called him up, The boys are quite boisterous, My friend Ram is an egoist, God is Omnipotent, omnipresent and Omniscient, The mob killed the District Magistrate, Bhim was a glutton, We see somnambulists in movies very often, Bhagat Singh was a martyr, We see conjurors in circus, Asthma is not a contagious disease, We used to see epidemic in villages earlier, Sanjivini was considered to be a panacea, We find too many monologues in Shakespeares plays,.

We hadnt got any remuneration, Polygamy has been banned in many countries, Charles Shobraj was an imposter, Hindus practise idolatry, My nephew is an ambidextrous, He is a pessimist, Everyone has come late today, The mob has lynched the thief, The audience have taken their seats, Have some more tea, Wait for me, Let's go out for a walk, He has barely anything to wear, Somebody entered the room, I think, you are right, I feel, he is hungry, There are many boys in this school, Nobody bothers, It hardly rains here, The jury was unanimous in its decision.

I am tired,. Isnt he? Shall we? Has he? Isn't he? Churchil was a great orator and politician of his time. None of his four sons looked after him. One of the five members is at fault. Neither of them took the exam. RULE 9. P have. Furniture, advice, work, evidence, equipment, news, information, luggage, baggage, percentage, poetry, knowledge, dirt, dust, traffic, electricity, music, breakage, stationary, scenery, confectionery, pottery, bakery, crockery, behaviour dk iz;ksx Uncountable Nouns ds: Where are the tongs?

The proceeds were deposited in the bank. All his assets were seized. Alms were given to the beggars. The embers of the fire were still burnings. He gave me a piece of information. All pieces of information given by her were reliable.

Many kinds of furniture are available in that shop. I want a few articles of jewellery. He ate two slices of bread. Please show me some items of office stationery. The Police have found a strand of hair in the car. The percentage of 8.

M ore than one 9. M ore. No air is present on the Mars. No student was interested in taking the exam. One-third of the work has been finished.

One- third of the students have passed. Ninety percent of the work is done. Most of the knowledge is gained by experience. Most of the girls are absent today. Ninety percent of the students have passed with good marks. Half of the candidates have passed with flying colours. Some of the students have not taken the exam. The percentage of unsuccessful candidates is ten. More than one city was in ruins. More cities than one were in ruins. More than two theives have been caught red handed.

More plans than one were made. Pronoun rd dk okD; rks lgh gS ysfdu mlds ckn vkus okys verb bR;kfn singular gksuk pkfg,A bl okD; esa five miles plural gksus ds ckotwn singular unit ds: Sub ds vuqdy w gksxkA Believes S. She will come to meet you as soon as you will reach Delhi.

She will come to meet you as soon as you reach Delhi. If the government will become strict, corruption will surely finish. If the government becomes strict, corruption will surely finish. I will help him provided he will mend his ways. I will help him provided he mends his ways. Unless he will not take care of his health, he will not recover. Unless he takes care of his health, he will not recover. There will be rush at the platform when the train will arrive. There will be rush at the platform when the train arrives.

Unless or until. If it rains, the schools remain closed. If it rains, the students may not come for class. If the fog remains, the plane may get late. If you want to remain healthy, you should exercise daily. If you do not know him, you must not open the door. If you meet him, could you tell him to call me up?

If you come to Delhi, would you come to meet me? If you are waiting for the bus, you should better take a taxi. If you are not reading the newspaper, you should let others read it. If you have finished the work, you may leave. If they have bought tickets, they will surely go to see the movie. I shall support him so long as I am alive.

As soon as the train comes, there will be rush for seats. When he comes to Delhi, I will go to meet him. Non-Finite Verbs 3.

Paramount English -1

Transitive Verbs 4. Finite Verbs. Non-Finite Verbs I like watching television. She wants to go abroad. To err is human 2. I want to study 3. I want to study English. Swimming is a good exercise. I learnt driving. I love watching television.

Hearing the noise, we rushed out of the restaurant. Thinking all is well, he went to bed. Driven by poverty, he committed suicide. Deceived by his best friend, he was left in the lurch. Having done with it, they got down to work. Having rested, they started their journey again.

Have, Get ,oa Make dk iz;ksx 'Causative verb' ds f;k verb dks e obj. Subject Verb 1. Look, seem, sound, appear, smell, taste, feel Verbs of sensation ds vykok be, become, turn, get, grow, keep prove dks Hkh adverbs ugha cfYd adjective modify djrs gSaA.

We adapt to the environment. We adapt ourselves to the environment. Acquit to do better than expected , absent, avail, reconcile to accept a situation reluctantly , amuse, resign, avenge, enjoy, exert, apply to work hard on something , adapt, adjust, pride 1. The officers acquitted themselves well during the crisis.

She has reconciled herself to the demands of her in laws. The students exert themselves a lot at the time of examination.

You will have to apply yourself to this task whole heartedly. I pride myself on being able to work smoothly under pressure too. You should avail yourself of this opportunity. He resigned himself to yet another day without food. Keep away from bad company. Drop himself. Keep, stop, turn, qualify, bathe, move, rest, hide. I prefer tea to coffee. He invited me to tea. Verb ds ckn vkus okyk preposition ;k rks fixed gksrk gS ;k fiQj fdlh preposition dk iz;ksx ugha gksrk gSA verb ds ckn vkus okyk Preposition Hindi Translation ds vuqlkj ugha gksuk pkfg;sA Preposition ns[kas i The poor had no bed to sleep in.

It he were a millionaire, he would help the millennium project. Verbs expressing Feeling or State of Mind- Believe, like, dislike, love, adore, want, wish, desire, hate, agree, trust, imagine. A Adverb as dk iz;ksx uhps fn, x;s verbs ds lkFk fd;k tk ldrk gSA regard, describe, define, treat, view, know. B Adverb as dk iz;ksx uhps fn, x;s verbs ds lkFk u djsaA name, elect, think, consider, call, appoint, make, choose.

I regard him my brother. Add as after him Biology has been defined the study of organism.

Add as after defined She is considered as the best student of my class. Drop as after considered The teacher called him as stupid. Drop as The principal appointed him as a lecturer. Remove as He thinks her as a fool.

Remove as vxj okD; esa 'It is high time' ;k fiQj 'it's time' dk iz;ksx gks vkSj mlds ckn 'sub' dk mYys[k gks rks sub ds ckn 'V2' dk iz;ksx djsaA It's high time you did something. Proper Noun O;fDrokpd 2. Common Noun tkfrokpd 3. Collective Noun lewgokpd 4. Abstract Noun Hkkookpd.

Priestly discovered oxygen. Stars, Seconds, R upees etc. Uncountable Noun M oney, time, know ledge etc. Singular Verb M uch, little, quantity of only 'the' can be used. Alms are given to the beggars. The embers of the fire were still burning. I have no information about her residence. The mischief committed by him is unpardonable. His hair is black. I have bought some equipment that I needed for the project.

RULE 5. Floor Ground 2. A board of directors, etc. A bevy of girls, women, officers etc. A bunch of grapes, keys, etc. A bundle of sticks and hay. A caravan of Merchants, pilgrims, travellers. A choir of singers. A class of students. A code of laws. A convoy of ships, cars etc.

A course or series of lectures. A crew of sailors. A curriculum of studies. A flight of steps, stairs. A fleet of ships or motorcars. A flock of geese, sheep and birds. A gang of robbers, labourers.

A heap of ruins, sand, stones. A herd of cattle. A litter of puppies. A pack of hounds, cards. A pair of shoes, scissors, compasses, trousers. A series of events. A sheaf of corn, arrows. A swarm of ants, bees or flies. A train of carriages, followers etc.

A troop of horses cavalry scouts; etc. Sheep Son Uncle Fox Ox. Brethren - Members of a society, community or a religious group. Cloth Cloths - Unstitched cloth. Dice - Small cubes used in games. Index Indexes - tables of contents in a book. Indices - Signs used in algebra. God's sake. The mother of my wifes secretary has expired. Because the concept of this book is very good and you can easily understand them.

Every topic of grammar and vocabulary is very good and also come in exams. About this book: English book plinth to paramount by Neetu singh is a very good book for preparing SSC CGL this book consists of all type of grammar vocabulary and antonyms ,synonyms, problems specially written for Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level exam ssc cgl,bank po, ibps po, clerk please download the book in PDF format from the given link below. One more aspects is that which like about English for General Competitions by Neetu singh is that this book is updated time to time according to new pattern of exams As far as i have seen form my batch mates and heard form my teacher, I would like to recommend plinth to paramount by neetu singh for theoretical knowledge.

It contains almost all the topics to be covered in ssc. There is a volume 2 of this book available in market as well. It contains all the topics and their presentation is also very easy and lucid.

If you are form English medium then SP Bakshi is good book for you as this books contianall necessary rules with examples, but if you are form Hindi medium background then you can go for English for General competitions by Neetu Singh since this book is easy to understand for Hindi Medium background students.

The main point that you have to keep in mind is that you have to read the same book over and over again until those rules are rooted in your mind revise as much as possible is won't take much time for you to see the results. These all topics we find in this book and also so helpful for us with good explanation and question. This book practice set are very helpful because all question are from ssc previous year exams. I personally prefer this book you can see in pdf and download from anywhere.

There are only some good books and this is one of them. Share This:

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