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    Here's The Naughtiest Girl! - Excerpt - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Here's The Naughtiest Girl! - Enid Blyton Excerpt. Naughtiest Girl in the School by Enid Blyton - Download as PDF File .pdf), " My dear Elizabeth, I shan't be here," said Miss Scott, taking another stocking. Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for .. You'll seethey won't: keep the naughtiest girl in the school for long! " Miss Scott took her to.

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    Heres The Naughtiest Girl Pdf

    Read "The Naughtiest Girl: Here's The Naughtiest Girl Book 4" by Enid Blyton available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. This is the final tale about Elizabeth Allen and is taken from Enid Blyton's Omnibus. Originally this young girl displayed the most shocking manners and. The Naughtiest Girl in the School, The Naughtiest Girl Again, The Naughtiest Girl Is a Monitor, Ini Dia si Paling Badung, The Naughtiest Girl Keeps a Se.

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    Same black untidy hair, same green eyes but what a sulky face! Look theres somebody who looks very like you, said Elizabeth. He must be a new boy. Julian turned. Yes thats a cousin of mine. Hes got rather a big opinion of himself, as youll soon find out. He didnt want to come to Whyteleafe School at all. Why ever not? Back at Whyteleafe School Well hes not very fond of me, said Julian.

    He doesnt like people who can do things better than he can and hell be in our form. And when you use your brains youll be top whenever you want to! Even top of me! Thats easy, said Julian, and got another punch. But, quite seriously, Elizabeth, go slow with Patrick he can be very spiteful. Dont play the heavy monitor with him too soon or too much. I shall tick him off if he doesnt toe the line, said Elizabeth at once. How will he behave, do you think? A bit like you behaved when you first came!

    Dont you remember? You were the Naughtiest Girl in the School and you meant to be, too! The things you did! Elizabeth went bright pink. You neednt keep reminding me of that first term, she said. I was awful. I just cant think how I could have behaved like that. Well, I wasnt there then, said Julian, but Ive heard plenty about it.

    I bet youll always be Heres The Naughtiest Girl! Gosh Id never be that, said Elizabeth. Whoever heard of a Naughtiest Girl ending up as head? Here comes your cousin, Julian.

    The Naughtiest Girl Series

    Julian swung round. Hallo, Patrick, he said. Finding your way about a bit? This is Elizabeth. Shes a friend of mine and if you want any help in anything, go to her, because shes a monitor. Im not likely to go to any friend of yours for help! And, by the way, you dont need to spread around the news that Im your cousin Im not really proud of having you for a cousin!

    Too swollen-headed for my taste! He went off, hands in pockets. Julian glared after him. If he wasnt new Id shake him till his teeth rattled! Elizabeth was indignant, too.

    Blyton Enid the Naughtiest Girl 1 the Naughtiest Girl in the School (1940) - Copie

    What a cheek from a new boy! Well, he wont cheek me! If he does Ill report him. A bell rang just then, and everyone hurried in to a meal. Elizabeth scrambled for her place Back at Whyteleafe School at the table. She beamed round at everyone. How good it was to be back among all her friends! John Terry grinned at her across the table. Going to help in the garden this term? Have you seen all the seeds that have come up since last term? We shall have a fine show this summer. John was partly responsible for the gardens of the school.

    Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New in The Naughtiest Girl: Here's The Naughtiest Girl: Book 4. Description In Enid Blyton's bestselling school series Elizabeth Allen is sent away to boarding school and makes up her mind to be the naughtiest pupil there's ever been.

    In book four, there's a new boy in Elizabeth's class. He's sulky and grumpy and he'll do anything to show Elizabeth up. She means to keep her temper, but it's not so easy for someone who was once the naughtiest girl in the school She was very hungry, and thought with pleasure of her currant cake and jam sandwich. You must all have a piece. She ran downstairs wondering if she would have two pieces of Belinda's gorgeous chocolate cake.

    Tea was laid in the dining-room. The long tables were spread with white cloths, and plates with big slices of brown bread and butter were set all the way down. There were also some large plain cakes here and there, and some big pots of plum jam. The children put their tuck-boxes on a bare table, and placed on some empty plates there the cake or sandwich, jam or paste they meant to share at tea.

    These plates they took to their own table. Once again they were allowed to sit where they liked. Elizabeth put out her sandwich and her currant cake and took her place too. Grace was said and then the boys and girls began to chatter quietly. Suddenly Nora banged on the table. She was at the head of it. Everyone at her table stopped speaking. She wants it all herself. Elizabeth went on eating her bread and butter. Next to her was Ruth, opening a large pot of shrimppaste that smelt simply delicious.

    She passed it round the table-but did not offer Elizabeth any. Nobody offered her anything at all. Belinda counted how many there were at the table-eleven-and then cut her cake into 32 ten big pieces.

    Ten was enough, because she missed Elizabeth out! Elizabeth watched the others munching the chocolate cake, which looked and smelt marvellous and longed for a piece.

    She cut her currant cake. It looked quite nice. She suddenly felt that she really couldn't eat it all by her self, she must offer it to the others too. She didn't mind being thought naughty, but being thought mean was different.

    Ruth stared at her in surprise, "How you do change your mind! I've bad enough. Belinda shook her head. Elizabeth held out her plate to Helen, but Helen simply made a face at her and turned away. Nobody would have any of Elizabeth's cake or of her sandwich either. Everyone else had either cut up half or all their cakes, and had finished up their pots of jam or paste. A bell rang. Miss Thomas stood up and spoke to the girls and boys, "You may go out to play," she said, "but the new children must stay behind in the play room, and see the headmistresses.

    They set the gramophone going. Belinda did a funny dance and made them all laugh. Then someone poked her head in at the door and called to the children. Go and line up outside the drawing-room door- -and mind you each say you're going to do your best for Whyteleafe School, and will work and play hard!

    The new children went to line up outside the drawing-room door. The door shut. I won't stay at this horrid school! Elizabeth is Naughty. It was a lovely room, with a few beautiful pictures on the walls, and glowing cushions on the chairs and the couches.

    The two mistresses were sitting on chairs near the window, They looked up as Elizabeth came m. We are very glad to see you at Whyteleafe School," said Miss Belle, She was young and pretty, but Miss Best was older, and, except when she smiled, she had rather a stern face.

    She sat down on a chair, Miss Best looked at her in surprise, when she answered so shortly. I don't want to go to school. I hate Whyteleafe School! I'll be so bad that you'll send me home next week!

    Instead they both threw back their heads and laughed and laughed! Maybe one day Whyteleafe School will be proud of you, even though you are quite sure it won't! She wished she had been ruder to them. What a funny school this was! That's rather clever of you to think of that, Elizabeth! She did not know enough of other children to know that they always loved nicknames for their masters and mistresses.

    She was surprised that Helen thought her clever- and secretly she was pleased. But she stuck her nose in the air and marched off. She wasn't going to be pleased with anything or anybody at Whyteleafe School! She wandered round by herself until the supper-bell went at seven o'clock. She felt hungry and went into the dining-hall.

    The children were once more opening their tins of cakes, and a lively chatter was going on. It all looked very jolly. There were piles of bread again, butter, cheese, and dishes of stewed fruit. The children sat down and helped themselves. Nobody took any notice of Elizabeth at all, till suddenly Helen remembered what she had called Miss Belle and Miss Best. With a giggle she repeated it to her neighbour, and soon there was laughter all round the table. Elizabeth heard the whispers and went red.

    Nora O'Sullivan laughed loudly. That was pretty smart of you, Elizabeth. She really couldn't help it. She didn't want to-she wanted to be as horrid as possible -but it was really very pleasant to have everyone laughing at her joke.

    I guess Miss Belle and Miss Best wouldn't think it was funny, though! The meal went on until half-past seven, and then after grace was said the children all got up and went to the playroom. You'd better see. The times are on the noticeboard over there. My bedtime is at half-past eight, and when I come to bed I expect all the rest of you to be safe in bed. My mother says that late hours make children stupid, bad-tempered, and slow," Elizabeth went to see the times for going to bed.

    Hers was, as Nora had said, at eight o'clock. Well, she wouldn't go! She'd be naughty! So she slipped out into the garden and went to where she had seen two or three big swings. She got on to a swing and began to push herself to and fro, It was lovely there in the evening sunshine.

    Elizabeth quite forgot that she was at school, and she sang a little song to herself. A boy came into the place where the swings were, and stared at Elizabeth. If you don't behave yourself I shall have to report you at the Meeting! Then you'll be punished," "Pooh! He caught 39 hold of her dark curls and pulled them so hard that the little girl yelled with pain. The boy grinned at her and said, "Serve you right! You be careful how you treat me next time, or I'll pull your nose as well as your hair!

    Now-are you going in or not? Perhaps she would have time to go to bed before that horrid Nora came up at half-past. So she ran up the stairs and went to Bedroom Number 6. Ruth, Joan, Belinda, and Helen were already there half undressed. Their curtains were pulled around their cubicles, but they were talking hard all the same. Elizabeth slipped into her own cubicle "You're late, Elizabeth," said Ruth.

    I was on the swing and I put out my foot and kicked him over! And that's not pleasant. She remembered that Nora had put her three photographs into the locked box, and she jumped out again. She went to the box and tried to open it--but it was still locked. Nora came in at that moment and saw Elizabeth there. Well, apologise and you can have them. She made a rude face at Nora, and flung herself into bed. A clock struck half-past eight downstairs. Elizabeth joins her Class. She was at that horrid school!

    Nora sat up in her bed and spoke to the others. You've got half an hour. She lay there warm in her bed, and looked up at the white ceiling. Nora's voice came sharply to her. Are you getting up or are you not? Nora nodded to plump Ruth, and the two went beside Elizabeth's bed Together they stripped all the clothes off the lazy girl, and then tipped up the mattress. Elizabeth gave a shriek and slid on to the floor. She was very angry. She rushed at Nora-but Nora was big and strong, and caught hold of the angry girl's arms at once.

    Monitors do that sometimes, you know! She washed very sulkily, dressed, cleaned her teeth and did her hair. She was just going downstairs when Nora, who had gone into everyone's cubicle to see if they were tidy, called her back. Come and put your chest-of-drawers tidy! Do you want me to put the rest of your things into the locked box? It was quicker to do that than argue with Nora. She wondered if Nora would notice that she had put socks on instead of the long brown stockings!

    But Nora didn't notice. She was in too big a hurry to get down to breakfast in time, and besides, she didn't dream that anyone would wear socks instead of stockings at Whyteleafe School! Miss Thomas noticed them too, and called to Elizabeth, "You've put the wrong things on, Elizabeth. You must change your socks for stockings afterwards," But Elizabeth didn't! When she went up to make her bed afterwards, she didn't change at all. Nora saw that she hadn't and spoke to her, "For goodness' sake put stockings on, Elizabeth.

    Really, I shouldn't have thought anyone could be quite so silly as you seem to be! Stockings make my legs too hot. And I'm going to keep my socks on. I've seen them in the Kindergarten, with their dear little bare legs. Well, why not let Elizabeth keep her socks, to show that she is really only a baby, though she's getting on for eleven? You can easily explain that to Miss Thomas.

    Elizabeth put on her bedspread and stood thinking. She didn't think she wanted to keep her socks on now! If only the younger children wore them, because they were the babies of the school, she didn't want to.

    The babies would laugh at her, and so would the others. Elizabeth tore off her shoes, grabbed her socks and pulled them off in a temper. She took out her stockings 44 and pulled them on.

    Bother, bother, bother! Now she would have to wear stockings after all! She flew downstairs to the gym, where she had been told to go after making her bed and tidying her cubicle, All the others were there.

    Elizabeth had felt sure that they would all make remarks about her stockings being on after all-but nobody took any notice of her at all.

    The Naughtiest Girl: Here's The Naughtiest Girl : Enid Blyton :

    Hymns were sung and prayers said, Miss Best read part of a Bible chapter in her rather stern voice. Then she called the names of all the girls and boys to see that they were there. Elizabeth had a good look round.

    The boys and girls were in separate rows. There were a good many masters and mistresses. The matron of the school, who looked after the children when they were ill, stood on the platform with some of the other mistresses, a fat, jolly-looking person, dressed like a nurse, in apron and cap.

    He made up a fine marching tune, and Elizabeth liked it very much for she loved music. She wondered if she was supposed to learn music at Whyteleafe. Miss Scott had taught her at home, but Miss Scott was not musical and Elizabeth had not enjoyed her lessons at all.

    Out marched the children to their classrooms. She came to a big sunny classroom, and into it poured six boys and nine girls. The other children chose their desks too, but the new ones were told to wait till Miss Ranger came.

    Ruth sprang to hold the door open as soon as she heard Miss Ranger's rather loud voice down the passage.

    In came Miss Ranger. She gave Elizabeth a desk at the back. Elizabeth was glad. It would be a good place to be naughty in! She meant to be bad in class that very morning, The sooner that everyone knew how naughty she meant to be, the sooner she would be sent home.

    Books were given out. She couldn't help feeling that it was 46 rather fun to do lessons with a lot of people instead of by herself! When her turn came she read very nicely indeed, though she had a great many difficult words in her page. She thought it was very easy. Elizabeth looked at it proudlyand then she suddenly remembered that she had meant to be naughty! I'd better be naughty.

    She looked at Ruth by the window, and wondered if she could flip her rubber at her and hit her. She took her ruler, fitted her rubber against the end of it, bent it back and let it go.

    The rubber flew across the schoolroom and hit Ruth on the left ear!

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